Dumo Is

Dumo stands for sustainable and mobile.

Dumo is a bicycle mechanic who, instead of selling bicycles, has put the service first. Dumo does the maintenance and repair of all types of bicycles, including; racing bikes, city bikes, electric bikes and cargo bikes. Dumo distinguishes itself from traditional bicycle makers, because Dumo collects and brings your bicycle for free during all repairs in Groningen. The collection and delivery takes place at the time and place that you specify, and you will also receive a free loan bicycle from us!

In short, Dumo ensures that you are always permanently mobile!

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Dumo's target

Cycling is sporty, healthy, environmentally conscious and social!

Dumo therefore wants to help everyone to cycle as much as possible. Dumo does this by ensuring that its customers’ bicycles are always in good condition. And by taking the trouble out of your hands with regard to maintenance and repair, Dumo wants to create more cycling pleasure for its customers.

Dumo's Service

Dumo’s service goes further than just maintenance and repairs. Dumo collects and brings the bicycles to its customers at the desired time and location in Groningen. To ensure that our customers stay mobile, you will receive a loan bicycle from Dumo as a replacement transport.

The work and the parts to be replaced are notified to the customer in advance, so that the customer is never faced with surprises after the repair.

Dumo likes to think along with its customers and is always looking for the best solution for its customers!